Key behind the success of patanjali..

Patanjali ayurved is a biggest company of  india , who produce many types of health care products to take care of your health prepared from naturally grown organic fruits and vegetables.patanjali also produce variety of juices, jam and sharbat from Aloe Vera, Amla, Guava, Harad, Murabba, Karela, Khus, Lemon, Litchi, Mango and Mixed Fruits. These products are hygienically made with finest of machines and brains to provide you excellent products. this article we see a reasons behind the success of patanjali.
1) Health-conscious Community: 

We can say that Patanjali took huge benefit of this social change.People going with natural and love the products which are organic.Through this Organic proposition, they attracted huge consumer base on their Natural Products.In recent times, people have become more health conscious which is evident from the fact that many companies are investing money in organic and Ayurvedic products. It makes better health and living like body weight, fitness, proper faculties, mental abilities etc.

2) Swadeshi factor: 

They are going with “Make In India”compaign to gain more attention from the customers. Swadeshi Movement started by the Baba ramdev against the Big Foreign Multi National Companies. Patanjali is happy to co-exist with indigenous companies, multinational ones are a different matter. “Humara ek simple funda hai: MNCs ko replace karna hei,”  said Ramdev.This funda is going to be right slowly.

3) Brand Well associated with Health: 

As per recent trends of Human lifestyle, Health paying a huge importance in the life any human. Patanjali is able to create a brand perception of health and wellness among the Indian masses, primarily because of Baba Ramdev’s association with the brand who is considered to be a veteran of yoga.Products like Amla Juice, Aloe vera Juice, Coconut Hair wash,ans some herbs which creates the curiosity among the customers.

4) Product Quality : 

Patanjali medicines are prepared according to the authentic formula prescribed in Ayurvedic texts.That things gives satisfaction.Beyond Patanjali’s flagship ayurvedic range of products, their strategy is to simply create products that people are already used to using and not try to innovate. Even the product names are very similar. This is very clever, as it significantly reduces the friction for the end consumer. They have established well-certified factories and herbal park as any other pharmacy company and they have one of the best Ayurveda research establishments in India and world.

5) Price & Cost that matters: 

Pricing plays an extremely important role in putting Patanjali Ayurved ahead of its fierce competitors.Reasonable Products Pricing is a highly effective strategy to win markets is key to extracting maximum value from their Target Market. Another reason for Patanjali’s success is the thrift it practices. “Our profit margins are minuscule because the main aim is not to make profit,” said Ramdev. “Profiting from patients is against the philosophy of Ayurveda, so we aim at a minimum profit from our health products. They directly purchase the Raw materials from the Farmers so its costs very low . Patajali keeps prices lower than its competitors.

6.Variety of products:

Already, a few Patanjali products have made major inroads – apart from desi ghee, its toothpaste Dant Kranti, for instance, launched in March 2010, brought in revenues of Rs 200 crore in 2014/15. Patanjali has also ventured out to produce many other new items that were mostly produced by foreign companies in recent months. Patanjali also sells toothpastes, unpolished pulses and detergents.Swadeshi factor: Patanjali is happy to co-exist with indigenous companies, multinational ones are a different matter. “Humara ek simple funda hai: MNCs ko replace karna (We have a simple principle: we want to replace MNCs),” said Ramdev.

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