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what is paper bag ?

paper bag is made from a paper, which is durable, attractive, heat resistant, soft and light  as well. It is a better substitute for polyethylene (PE) plastic bags because of its environment friendly properties and longer life of up to 3-4 years.

Where are PAPER bags used ?

Shopping bags
Gift bags
Hand bags with zippers and Velcro
Thermal bags
Food bags
These bags can be sold to grocery stores, shopping malls, gift shops, food malls, mobile shops, jewellery shops, beauty parlours, dairy shops and all other retail shops who rely on bags for their marketing. Even tie up with corporate clients can get you bulk orders.

Why manufacture PAPER bags?

Increased competition in the retail market has made retailers think about marketing their product. Since these paper bags have many more features than traditional plastic bags, there is a big market ahead for paper bags. Also with fully automatic machines available there is less need for skilled labourers. The bag manufacturing is a simple process.

There are two ways of selling these bags. First the bags are sold to the customer and then the customer gets the printing done. Secondly both the bag printing and cutting is done and then sold to the customer. paper bag manufacturing is completed in a few steps and it is largely automated. Manpower required in a factory is also less.

1. Paper bags are recyclable

2. They help in cutting down toxic waste

3. Paper bags are reusable

4. They are a great energy saver

5. Paper bags help to conserve natural resources.

Raw Materials Required For Paper Bags Manufacturing.
Paper bags can be manufactured from various types of papers available in the market. You have to decide that what type of paper you are going to use for production. Different paper has different strength, if you are manufacturing paper carry bags for garments then the quality is going to high as compared to carry bags for carrying small things like medicines, grocery item etc…

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